Unconventional materials challenge

Rather than do an entire collection for Spring, I decided to focus on my line of totes and fanny packs (yes, you read that right!).  I did however enter a design contest that is held each season for Omaha Fashion Week, in conjunction with their sponsor, SAC Federal Credit Union.  My design concept won and so I began the process of creating the dress made of money.  The idea for this dress was the metal coins representing armor, but to make it feminine add styling of a greek goddess inspired flowing gown.  And gladiator sandals of course!

Each designer can send in their ideas and it can incorporate coins or dollar bills, and the money cannot be defaced during the process.   I chose to work with dimes and had to try several different methods to attach them to the garment and make them stay.  


Sitting on the couch watching Project Runway it is so easy to critique the Unconventional Materials challenge, but it is a whole different story when you are the one 'making it work'.  

The SAC Money Dress Design Competition is just one of the programs that the SAC/OFW partnership is able to support, that benefits the local community.  The money dress will be auctioned off at an Arts for All benefit in April, after it walks the runway each night of Fashion Week, March 15 - 20.

in progress, haven't added the shoulder armor yet.  2 weeks til Fashion Week!