winter shoot

In the middle of January in the Midwest, all you see is white for miles, but the occasional sunny day brightens the gray skies thankfully.  I had an idea for a winter wonderland shoot originally, but I was inspired by some bright fuchsia flowers and bought a few bouquets.  The location was a very old building, probably built in the early 1900's since it is in east Omaha, where our city started to form near the Missouri River.

The exposed lath wall behind the plaster and the old cracking windows were a great backdrop for the romantic fabrics and flowers.

What a joy to work with 2 lovely girls, Karlie who modeled for me in Omaha Fashion Week (obsessed with her on-trend eyebrows!!), and my daughter who frequently photographs for me with her great eye and wonderful talent.  I am blessed to work with people who have zero drama and are open and willing to try different things.