pattern history

I came across an interesting post on the etsy blog about the history of sewing patterns.  

(funny how a size 16 was a 34 bust back then - ha!)

(funny how a size 16 was a 34 bust back then - ha!)

I have long been obsessed with the 3-dimensional shapes of garments and am fascinated with patterns and construction in general.  I tend to collect patterns even though I make my own.  I like to create patterns on muslin or some other cheap cotton that I'm not going to use for anything else.  Then they don't really have to be pinned to the fabric you are cutting, they just kind of stay where you put them.

I usually make a pattern for anything I am making, in case I want to make it again.  Also I ignore almost all the directions on commercial patterns, mainly because I can anticipate what they are going to say for each step, and I've been sewing for so long that I like to do it my own way.

Check out the article here :)