Bobbin storage

Over the years, finding ways to keep sewing bobbins organized and within reach has been totally annoying.  I think I've tried every way possible.  I've tried stacking them on the wooden thread spool racks, storing them in the plastic bobbin containers sold at the fabric store, and even made my own little tin with foam inside, and cut little slits for the bobbins to sit on.  It seemed like no matter what I did, they were always mangled and tangled, hard to access the color I needed, and just a mess in general.

Then I thought why not store them on the wall so I could attach them with magnets to the metal and they would be easily accessible?  (I should mention I sew every. single. day. and I use a ton of bobbins in different colors).  So I was thinking of getting some metal sheeting from the hardware store but then I saw these metal signs at Hobby Lobby and they were really inexpensive.  So I just nailed them to the wall above my sewing machine and put some magnets up against the metal, and just put the bobbins up against the magnets.

But after awhile I realized that there were so many bobbins too close together (I've since removed several of them) and the magnets would start to stick to eachother.  It was also difficult to see the thread color from my sitting sewing position when I went to grab one.  Basically I needed more space to hold them all.
So I decided I need a larger metal surface.  I found this great magnetic chalkboard at Target for $6.99!  It came with 2 pieces of chalk, so I decided to write the main colors that I use daily at the top, and that way I can easily know which row to grab from when I need a certain color.  (Round magnets are from Hobby Lobby - $7.99 for 50 of them).

Then I found a little mesh basket ($3.59) in the office section of Target - I guess I get a thrill from buying things that I think will help me get organized ... baskets, file folders, bins, boxes, etc.  Anyway, the basket has 2 magnets attached to the back of it, and it came with a little notepad and pen.  So I decided to stick that to a corner of the chalkboard.

I absolutely love it.  It's neat, holds a lot of bobbins and is organized.  And it's cute!

I absolutely love it.  It's neat, holds a lot of bobbins and is organized.  And it's cute!