goals for the new year 2014

I recently read about choosing a word for the upcoming year on Kelly Rae's blog, and very quickly I decided my word for 2014 will be SURRENDER.  I'm the type of person that tries to have everything figured out in advance, and I try to analyze everything and know exactly what is going to happen.  I am pretty impatient as well about when it will happen!   So I know deep down that I need to learn to depend on God rather than myself, and that means surrender.

2012 started out with my daughter moving out in Jan. of that year, so it was hard for me to get used to being an 'empty nester'.  I realized my only option (as opposed to worrying) was to let go, trust and surrender.  Basically trust that she was in Gods' hands and he could do a better job of protecting her than I could.  So that was a real growth experience for me, and at times I have picked the 'worrying burden' back up, and had to lay it down again.  So surrender and trust kind of go hand in hand.  

While studying more about how to do this, I came across this blog about surrendering: 

"Surrender is what Jesus was commanding when he said, "For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it." (Matthew 16:25 NIV)".          

I love how the writer talks about if we want to follow Jesus, we might have to lay some things down in order to keep up.  All of the distractions and worries of life keep us weighed down and take our focus off of Him.  That's why He said "cast your cares", because he doesn't want us to be burdened.

And then the post on obedience was a great confirmation to my spirit that I was on the right track.  From that post:  "So, biblical obedience means, simply, to hear, trust, submit and surrender to God and obey his Word."

I think we can block Gods' blessings in our lives when we have areas of disobedience.  Trying to carry burdens that He doesn't want me to carry is disobedience.  I think as mothers we feel that if we are not worrying we aren't doing a good job.  

I also have a lot of ambition when it comes to my creative career, and that has caused some anxiety about which direction to take for the past several years, and that is another burden I need to let go of.  

So some goals I have formulated for 2014 are:

* read the One-Year Bible along with my church family.  (which means actually making a plan and setting aside time in my schedule each day, rather than just saying I will do it.)

* exercise daily (even if it's not a long time, enough to make it a daily habit)

* learn photoshop and illustrator (ugh.)  - which means do a little at a time...

* design more collections of patterns / build portfolio

* attend at least one trade show (surtex, quilt market)

* Complete organization of craft supplies and all closets in the house

* add printable items to my shop, as well as art prints

cheers to the New Year!