start small

I have heard many artists say that a blank white canvas is a scary thing.  I agree wholeheartedly.  Back when I was a Fine Arts major in college, painting was the studio class I saved for the end.  I was intimidated by these wall sized canvases that I saw students working on.  I made it through the class using masonite boards that were under 24 inches.  

Years later when I started making collages, I wanted to combine my obsession with miniature things with my art.  The scrabble tile craze was all over etsy, so I decided using the small wood tiles for my collaged landscapes would be perfect.  The great thing was that it took away that fear and intimidation, since it's only about a 1 inch surface.  It was ok if I messed up, because I could just sand it off and start over.  It gave me the freedom to try different compositions, and people were amazed at how much visual information could be squeezed onto such a small space, but not feel crowded.

So my advice to anyone who might have a fear of blank canvases, or if their perfectionist personality might be holding them back from creating, start small!